Load size samples shown above using our box truck photos are for your reference to size needed (volume) not weight, and we will discuss the type of material you need loaded and hauled away to determine which type of vehicle (trailer or truck) we’ll bring to your site when we do the entire project for you. With Bin in a Minute, we have both options available for different materials.

How it works !

After you’ve gathered all the junk, trash, garbage, construction residuals or even a family members old furniture and clutter in the garage into one location, you could load it in your pick-up truck and make those lengthy ‘multiple’ trips back and forth in traffic to the local dump or city recycling center burning gas and more of your time OR, you could make use of Bin-n-a-Minute’s efficient hauling service. Whether you need our men and a trailer or our men and one of our large load 24’ box trucks, we’ll come, load your junk and haul it away. You do nothing!

Well, I take cream with my coffee…..(kidding)

As an added piece of mind, Bin-n-a-Minute will dispose of all your junk, trash and garbage in a manner that meets or exceeds all state laws and local regulations. We are an environmentally experienced group of guys that are eco-driven and recycle as much as 100% when applicable. When you hire Bin-n-a-Minute for your junk hauling needs, you’re hiring a licensed and fully insured Cargo hauling Service.
Don’t settle for less, give Bin-n-a-Minute a call or fill in the simple white order boxes on the right side of the page and we’ll call you back to discuss your project, needs and goals for the job.

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