Are you searching for a dumpster rental "near me"
in Orange County, CA, South LA County or North San Diego?
Your search is over!

How It Works

There are many reasons why you’ll need a dumpster that we call a ‘Bin on Wheels’ with the convenient space saving and ground sparing benefits provided with a dump trailer delivered direct from Bin-n-a Minute to your location anywhere in Orange County, California.  Our dumpster rental service is very active in Huntington Beach, Garden Grove, Westminster, Fountain Valley, Santa Ana, Anaheim and Mission Viejo. We also serve other areas of Southern California including parts south Los Angeles County such as Long Beach, CA.

Dumpster and Bin rentals are perfect for just about any size of a residential renovation. Spring cleaning, remodeling, tearing out your lawn, pool re-fabricating or a fixer-upper restoration and you’ll need somewhere to put all that trash or junk as well as some kind of method to dispose of it. You can make multiple trips back and forth to the local landfill yourself, OR you could arrange for a Bin-n-a-Minute ‘bin on wheels’ dumpster trailer to be delivered to your project location in Orange County, CA and let us do the hauling for you.

We’ll deliver a dumpster on wheels / dump trailer to your location and once it’s filled, you call us to pick it up and you are finished! We take it from there!
Oh, need someone to do the entire removal? Loading AND hauling junk away? Again, you are on the right page because we offer both services! Click on the “Rent Me” photo for a trailer to be dropped off at your location or click on the “Let us Help” photo to have us come out with our truck or trailer and load it all for you and you can relax !

Our goal is simple, give the customer a residential friendly open back trailer for their own project loading or have us do a complete ‘we load and we haul it out’ junk removal service for you, that is so good that you’ll refer us to your neighbors, friends and businesses.

Locally owned and operated in Orange County, CA. No out of State Company here !

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